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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2013 5:00am-5:30am PST

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>> supervisors, my name is guy carson. i am a board member of the california music and culture association. i would like to applaud the efforts of jim niko and his task force for this very comprehensive plan. i would also like to urge you to adopt amendments put forth to you by cmac, who could protect the nightlife. it's been often said that san francisco could do more to plan for fun. and this is a great opportunity to do so. we should not add any more residential units on 11th street, where there is already a lot of tension. this is a great time for us to establish that. thank you. >> thank you, mr. carson.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tom [speaker not understood] i am a small business owner and raising my family in san francisco and i work here. i bought 280 7th street. my job is to provide for my family, my employees, and pay my bills. i am proud to call san francisco my home. i am support small businesses like me. i purchased this business four years ago and have been waiting for zoning to be decided. please ensure i can have a modern and safe business. thank you. >> thank you.
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i'm going to call ten more speakers. [ reading speakers' names ] >> >> marqueza company and i'm here to request that the southwest corner of 5th and brannan, which is 601 brannan, assessor's block 3785, lot 132 be reclassified so the mou district .
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the purpose of the change would be to allow that site, which houses the architecture department of aau to be considered as conditional use, which is the way it could be under the current zoning. the conditional use was filed in 2012 and actually the planning department started working with a or a you in the legalization of that property. it could be consistent with eastside of 5th street, which is in that western muo district and south of the property between brooks and townsend. the two on townsend street are permitted to conditional uses.
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the one on 5th street and brannan would not be. alternatively i would suggest a grandfather clause, which was turned down by the commission. thank you. >> thank you, mr. passmore. >> good afternoon, supervisors, tim collin on behalf of the san francisco housing action coalition and i should state without ambiguity, this plan should be moved forward. it should be adopted. there has been a lot of work done ton it and one of san francisco's favorite sports is opposing any kind of planning effort. this should not be one of them. that being said, a couple of parts cause us concern and i would ask to you recall the slide that mr. teague showed that shows the west soma plan area will create 200 in the new units over what the existing 1990 zoning contemplates.
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and given the proximity of western soma to so much employment and even if it's inadequate, so much muni transit infrastructure, that seems like an enormous missed opportunity. i don't think anyone could accuse this plan of being too bold. a second issue that i'm hearing from a lot, i would say well-regarded architects that their design features in west soma plan in particular you saw roof decks, rear yards and open space, that i guess can only be said to be not friendly to building. or let's say not friendly to building and neighbors so close to downtown in an urban area. might be more appropriate farther out of the and finally, i would ask you to reflect on the slide that we saw, it looks like there is 90 something million dollars in projected needs in infrastructure and
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community benefits. there is some kind of disconnect here and look at it as something that could be modified down the road to make it more friendly to the needs that we face. thank you. >> thank you, mr. collin. >> hi, good afternoon. i am at dean and founder of the san francisco institute of aesthetics and cosmotology. so i am concerned that if it turns into a residential hub, we're going to lose a little bit of that action down there. we have about 175-200 students between day and night school
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enrolled at any given time and see between 850-1,000 guests per month. we use dna lounge for hair shows as part of the curriculum for the students. there is very limited space where we can do that and definitely need that space to be open. anyone who moves into south of market knows exactly what neighbor is about. i am not in support of residents on 11th street. i am in support of folsom being a two-way street. we're superunique, you can get your bike fixed and get a cupcake and have your haircut. it's the perfect spot for that. and the live music permits we're definitely in support of that as well. you have probably heard the campaigns to keep soma creative
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and funky and live music and please don't allow people that don't support that to not move in. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello supervisors. my name is scot and i have served on west soma task force as my neighbor judy carmen was displaced like my theater and home were displaced this year. after a fair amount of spirit discussion about entertainment the task force reach and impasse, agreed to disagree and take up the discussion with the supervisors making the final decisions. our plan on this topic is currently incomplete. the expansion of the llp areas, the recognition and protection for the street -- are all concepts that task force members have advocated for and
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i believe have received community support for as well. i would like to thank sspd officer burton and others for galvanizing the entertainment community who have advocated foyer policy changes in [tpro-b/] front of you today. [speaker not understood] it's unfortunate because we have not yet successfully revisited this healthy policy for the future and i encourage us to do. so the arts have thrived here and reactivated and renovated it's
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underutilized areas. with that, the sali, we're going move most of that so the central corridor. so we need to look at what really going to happen comprehensive and let's look to the dormant basics on treasure island. >> thank you. >> hi, my name is teresa gonzalez. i live on folsom street between 10th and 9th street. i support the west soma plan. i am worried because growth is painful, but this plan allows the balance to protecting the community. so the years of seeing changes have made me as being a single
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mom vigilant. because i am worried about the safety of my family and the community. so it's been tremendous, the growth in soma. it's the in thing now. everybody wants a piece of soma and everything but i know being a mom, our bar neighbors, they do their best to clean all around. but they cannot keep up with increased foot traffic. what more, if we have more nightlife in the evening on folsom street? i don't agree to that and i know one person says they want nightlife all throughout soma, but i don't agree with that. there has been a lot of gentrification and a large scale gentrification and it's something that families and affordable housing that we need in soma. developers and all of these
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night lifes and techies want to come into soma, but this plan protects us, the families, our heritage. what more do we have to face if these developments and changes the population? what do we face in next ten years, in 2020 when it comes to redistricting and the consensus population; right? so we want, like pore me as families. i am here on behalf on speaking for families. we want this plan to that protects us as a whole. it's a holistic view and holistic plan that is safe for us. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is luke -- i'm one of the owners and the property manner of a small office building on 9th street in west soma. i am here today to ask for your consideration in amending section 803.9a back to it's
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original state, which would allow all 11 article 1-5. i have seen the benefit of what these tech companis have done to the mid-market area and specifically the 9th and 10 street corridors, which are more traffic-oriented. a lot of these companies are energy etic and bring life to the streets. we're seeing transforation along our corridor, albeit a very early stage. my fear is if these tenants can't find permitted use they will relocate elsewhere and if they do our revitalization of the neighborhood would be lost. i would ask you to consider amendmenting this section back to its original state to allow
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all article 11 buildings, articles 1-5. >> i will call the last four speaker cards that have i. [ reading speakers' names ] >> thank you, mr. parking bolton. >> good afternoon supervisors mark bolton, resident at west soma and teacher at carmible. carmichael. as a teacher at betsy carmichael, what i am seeing in inverse relationship to the amount of progress and growth.
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we need to move forward on this plan, especially with the original intent to address the people as mother jones was saying, putting the premium on people who live here and call this home right now. as many people say it takes a village to raise a child and it really does and i think the plan as it's set up, focusing on services of cultural heritages and low-income housing is really essential and we need to maintain those components so that the people who live here can continue to call it home as it thrives around us. so i encourage you to move forward. >> thank you, mr. bolton. any other members of the public who would like to speak, please line up after these remaining speakers. >> hello supervisors. my name is ani bartanian. i am here speaking on behalf as myself of an owner on 9th
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street, as well as orthoowners along the 9-10th street corridor. i bought this building for two reasons. one it was historic in nature and beautiful building, as well as i have a small company that would like to relocate there. toby levy and jim niko, when they originally put together the plan, subsequent to their proposal, after the various changes from planning and what not. the use controls have been limited. and the current use controls -- the current use controls are limited to on the upper floors, residential. or five non-residential uses
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are permitted, which includes neighborhood agriculture, et cetera. well, where in san francisco -- we're in 9th street and can we get urban use on the third floor of our building? our only alternative is to convert to residential, but if i convert to residential, i have changed the historic nature of the building and it's contrary to the goal of the task force, which is to preserve historic buildings. and then the last piece is i'm worried about having an essex empty building. every day we're cleaning the corner we're located. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon supervisor, land use attorney in san francisco. i want to commend both the planning department staff and task force for the many years' of dedication that they put into putting this plan together. i wanted to speak to two issues of the plan today. first the historic building comes. these controls promote the maintenance and preservation of historic buildings by providing relaxed use controls. the buildings are also subjected to legally binding maintenance plans to ensure that the goals are fulfilleded. so as currently proposed west soma would allow all historic boeings to take advantage of those controls except those contributors -- [speaker not understood] as was just mentioned there
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are five used permitted and we're proposing to expand historic building controls to contributors to california register eligible district. we think this provides a good balance of limit building controls while ensuring that these buildings, can have uses to put their building towards without converting to residential issue. the second use i wanted to speak to is architectural firms in the sali district. the purpose of sali is to protect the area from office uses and promote industrial design uses. so the current version of the sali will not allow exceptions for architectural firms, which means that the firms were previously established now have to rely on the non-conforming
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use controls. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is janet clyde and my name was called in error in the previous item or you would have had my speaker card. i am a former small business commissioner and i'm here to speak on a couple of things that i heard this afternoon. the first is that i would like to congratulate the work of the western soma task force and i hear that arts are principally permitted throughout the district. i would like to have you consider the llp as a low-impact usage. i was one of the first proponents of this new permit and it was not in existence during much of the creation of the western soma plan. so i think performing arts and this
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limited accessory use is important, because in order for very small businesses to succeed, we need to give them the tools to succeed. so please look at that. the other thing that i heard was this is an historic opportunity to exclude housing in a principally permitted entertainment district. i know this is a very difficult decision, but it's a very important one, because i have watched good clubs and bars closed over the last 30 years due to conflicts with housing. so you have this opportunity. i think it's an important one, if it can move forward. i would urge you to do this. the third thing that i heard today was transit impact fees. they are critical and i will definitely support whatever is moving forward for housing and office and any new uses in the soma. you know this is very valuable land. there is a lot of money for
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investment in these district and these investors, these business plans need to help pay the way for transit improvements in the future. thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioner. thank you for waiting. >> hello, good afternoon everyone. i am antonetta and i have lived on 6th street for the last 21 years. i have been on the redevelopment pac when it was in business over the last 14. and overall we need to pass this plan and move it along. we need to take and expand and continue building low-income housing, affordable housing on a long-term basis. basic rent in standard sro room with a bathroom and shower down the hall is $600 a month now. so we don't want people being squeezed out the city. this also seems like it will help resolve the conflicts between entertainment and residents. so we would
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definitely encourage passing this. thank you. >> thank you, antoinetta. >> well, i trust they will figure it out. my name is sue hester and i participated in the eastern neighborhood and western soma. and the number of hearings that were held. the process was bottom-up and planning department staff are irritated somewhat because it's
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not supposed to be this way. but the eastern neighborhood was very top-down and what we had on the western soma was very bottom-up. and it was struggling with the thorniest issues we have ever faced in the city. how to keep jobs in the city, that are not fancy jobs in the office market and how to keep low-income resident s and low-income families in the city? how do you resolve the conflicts between entertainment and housing? very few people know about this map. it's an historic map of how the city was developed from 1850 when the gold-rush started.
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in district 3 district 6, district 10, you have massive fill and if you look at the area south of market, a large part of the area in the south of market was fill. and they are the very people that lived through what i did, loma prieta, there was a lot of land failures in western soma, because if you look at the map, there is a lot of landfill. it's historic bay. as well as the mission. >> thank you miss hester. >> my name is jenny kyly and i live in south of market. i work in south of market and we have had our building -- we have owned it for 30 years. i live near the 10th and mission area. so i'm close to
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the 11th street corridor, but just a little further away in one the alleys over there. i am support in the western soma proposal. i believe that me being here in south of market for as along as i have, we have seen a great deal of change. we have three boys that we raised here as well. we enjoy that we can walk outside of our house and be able to be close to all the entertainment, for that is not just for those with bars and nightclubs, but also the restaurants and lounges and other sources of things to do here in the city. i am in support of expanding the limited entertainment permits to other areas beside just the folsom street area, because i don't think it should be limited to just one section. that the neighborhoods also need to be able to enjoy. and it's not -- as somebody just said, it's not a big impact in that regards to being able to go to a restaurant or someplace and have something in
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the evenings. where it adds much more vibrancy to the streets, to the neighbors, to the businesses, to see that all of these businesss can thrive. there are so many empty buildings in south of market and it would be a benefit to be able to see the area grow. >> thank you >> thank you. >> my name is ac carter and i'm here on behalf of friends of mine who own and operator ak subs in the south of market area. basically the owners came to me, me being in entertainment field in los angeles and san francisco. i told them, you know, i think the whole folsom is going away in the '90s and people staying up late. i know there was opposition to that. piano bars, speak ezs and
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spoken word -- [speaker not understood] would greatly benefit. i do propose that we can at least extend these permits, so these businesss can operate and not as far as a club scene, but as entertainment for all. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is jamie whitaker and i'm speaking also for my partner, who has a home in the western soma area at 7th and howard street. we support whole-heartedly this first of its kind community-created area plan for the western soma and would encourage the supervisors to pass it with minimal changes. i think it's very appropriate that today in the philippines is the people power anniversary. we hear the term "people power"
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quite a bit in politic these days. this is the very first san francisco people-powered community plan. and it is really the best of consensus. not everybody is going to get all that they want, but i think this is the consensus of what the community has agreed to. i think when you consider the population that is moving into south of market, a lot of them are san franciscans who can no longer climb upstairs, can no longer go uphills and find south of market offers a flat area to walk around. so it's a lot of seniors, actually, either existing san franciscans or new to the area and are retired and want an active lifestyle. the limited live performance, that should be applied to south of market the same it's applied everywhere else in the city of san francisco. there is


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